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Ultrasonic 2

The training offered under the title Ultrasonics 2 (Level UT2) is meant for material testers and users of ultrasonic testing with knowledge of ultrasonic testing according to Level UT1 as a minimum requirement, in all workpieces concerned (castings and forgings, plates and sheets, tubes, sections) in all industrial sectors, both in production and in operation.

Training content

  • Elementary physics
  • Characteristics of test systems
  • Sound field, distance and size laws
  • Echo amplitude evaluation (fixed threshold, DAC, DGS)
  • Transfer and sound attenuation correction
  • Material science (casting, forging, weld)
  • Standards referring to testing of forgings, castings, and welds
  • Reflector scanning (half-value method, fixed threshold)
  • Testing of curved objects
  • Detection and evaluation of flaws in laminates, bonding test of adhesive joints
  • Drawing up of a test instruction
  • Documentation of test results

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