Steamboat GREIF inspected with AMPLECTOR Instrument Manager

15.11.2015 11:30  Von:: Bernd Kirchner

The steamboat GREIF is the oldest and only coal-fired steamboat with screw drive which still operates in the public passenger shipping in Switzerland.



The Swiss company "Fisch und Partner AG" used AMPLECTOR Instrument Manager to visualize, analyze and document the ship's bottom inspection.









The HeatMap shows the wall thickness results of the backboard and the starboard side simply and clearly.

The alarm thresholds of the heat map and result tabels can be changed dynamically for evaluation. The Report Generator produces the report. The content can be selected individually. Test results are documented in tables along with Ascans, Bscans and MicrGrids and can be exported to Excel, Word, PDF, RTF, HTML and CSV. Bscan and MicroGrid attachments to single results can also be exported to Excel.

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